Our G-PAK:

Super lightweight with outstanding strength.

Our G-PAK is super lightweight with outstanding strength.

FSSI provides highly innovative storage solutions

Federal Supply Services International LLC (FSSI) is a specialty manufacturer and converter of all pallet container sleeve pack types. Our flagship products are the G-PAK series shipping and storage containers.

The G-PAKs are highly used by the US Military worldwide in storage and shipping of various types of equipment and products. The sleeve packs are made of highly innovative, 3-layer structured core panels with outstanding strength, and yet are super lightweight. These core panels are manufactured primarily in Europe with some suppliers in the US.

All G-PAK containers are stackable for space saving storage:

Featuring superb quality materials, FSSI is providing the market with a wide selection of products to choose from which are versatile and for almost any application. The G-PAK panels are in great demand throughout European markets and the world. By processing premium raw materials through advanced technologies, FSSI provides economic and green solutions to our end users.